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KA SB 7th Grade Science


Animated Video KASB Syllabus 7th Grade Science

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CHAP 1: NUTRITION IN PLANTS : Introduction, Mode of nutrition in Plants, Photosynthesis Food Making Process in Plants,Activity, Other Modes of Nutrition in Plants, Insectivorous Plants, Saprotrophs,Activity, How Nutrients are Replenished in the Soil.

CHAP 2: NUTRITION IN ANIMALS : Introduction, Different Ways of Taking Food, Activity, Digestion in Humans, The Mouth and Buccal CavitY,Milk Teeth and Permanent Teeth, Activity, Sweet and Tooth Decay,The FoodPipe or Oesophagus, The Stomach, The Small Intestine, Absorption in the Small Intestine, Large Intestine,Digestion in Grass Eating Animals, Feeding and Digestion in Amoeba.

CHAP 3: FIBRE TO FABRIC : Introduction, Animal Fibres, Wool, Animals That Yield Wool, From Fibres to Wool,Processing Fibres into Wool, Occupational Hazard, Activity, Silk,Life History of Silk Moth, Activity, Silk Production,From Cocoon to Silk, Discovery of Silk.

CHAP 4: HEAT : Introduction, Hot and Cold, Activity, Measuring Temperature, Reading a Thermometer,Activity, Laboratory Thermometer, Types of Thermometer, Transfer of Heat, Activity,Activities, Kinds of Clothes we Wear in Summer and Winter,Woolen Clothes Keep us Warm in Winter, Keywords.

CHAP 5: ACID BASES & SALTS : Introduction, Acids and Bases, Litmus A Natural Dye, Turmeric, China Rose as Indicator,Neutralisation, Activity, Indigestion, Ant Bite, Soil Treatment, Factory Wastes.

CHAP 6: PHYSICAL & CHEMICAL CHANGES : Introduction, Activity, Physical Changes, Chemical Changes,Chemical Changes Activities,A Protective Shield, Rusting of Iron, Crystallisation.

CHAP 7: WEATHER CLIMATE & ADAPTATIONS OF ANIMALS TO CLIMATE : Introduction, Weather, Activity, Weather Elements,Climate, Climates and Adaptation, The Polar Region,The Tropical Rainforests.

CHAP 8: WINDS STORMS & CYCLONES : Introduction, Air Exerts Pressure, Activity,High Speed Winds are Accompanied by Reducing air Pressure, Air Expands on Heating, Activities,Hot Air, Activity, Wind Currents and Generated due to Uneven heating on the Earth. Equator and Poles, Land and Water,Thunderstorms and Cyclones, How a Thunderstorm Becomes a Cyclone, Structure of Cyclone, Destructions Caused by Cyclones,Effective Safety Measures, Advanced Technology has Helped, Anemometer.

CHAP 9: SOIL : Introduction, Soil Terming with Life, Soil Profile, Soil Types,Properties of Soil, Percolation of Rate of Water in Soil, Activity, Moisture in Soil, Absorption of Water in Soil, Soil and Crops,Case Study, Summary.

CHAP 10: RESPIRATION IN ORGANISM : Introduction, Why Do We Respire, Breathing,Activity, How do we Breathe.What do we Breathe Out, Activity, Breathing in Other Animals, Breathing Underwater, Do Plants also Respire,Keywords, Summary.

CHAP 11: TRANSPORTATION IN ANIMALS & PLANTS : Introduction, Circulating System, Blood, Blood Vessels, Heart,Heart Beat, Excretion in Animals, Excretory System in Humans,Transport of Substances in Plants, Transport of Water and Minerals, Transportation.

CHAP 12: REPRODUCTION IN PLANTS : Introduction, Modes of Reproduction, Asexual Reproduction, Vegetative Propogation, Activity,Activity, Budding, Fragmentation, Spore Formation, Sexual Reproduction,Activity, Pollination, Fertilisation, Fruit Seed Formation, Seed Dispersal,Keywords, Summary.

CHAP 13: MOTION & TIME : Introduction, Motion, Slow or Fast, Activity, Speed, Measurement of Time, Activity, Units of Time and Speed, Activity,Measuring Speed, Distance Time Graph,Keywords, Summary.

CHAP 14: ELECTRIC CURRENT & ITS EFFECTS : Introduction, Symbols of Electric Components,Activity, Heating Effect of Electric Current,MagneticEffect,ElectricCurrent,Electromagnet,Activity, Electric Bell, Keywords.

CHAP 15: LIGHT : Introduction, Light Travels Along a Straight Line, Reflection of Light, Activity,Right or Left, Activity,  Playing with Spherical Mirrors, Activity,Images formed by Lenses, Activity, Sunlight- Whire or Coloured, Activity,Activities, Keywords.

CHAP 16: WATER A PRECIOUS RESOURCE : Introduction, How much water is available, Forms of Water,Groundwater, Activity, Depletion of water table. Activity,Distribution of Water, Water Management, Water Scarcity on Plants.

CHAP 17: FORESTS OUR LIFELINE : Introduction,  Visit to Forest, Activity,Visit to Forest, Activity (a),Activities, Keywords.

CHAP 18: WASTE WATER STORY : Introduction, Water our Lifeline, Sewage, Water Freshens up, Activity,Treatment of Polluted Water, Activity, Waste Water Treatment Plant,Better Housekeeping Practises, Sanitation and Disease, Sewage Disposal, Sanitation at Public Places.


NOTE : Few more Exercises and Examples from the textbook will be uploaded soon. 


JARGONS : Egs=Examples   Ex=Exercise

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